Discover, Create, Improvise + Imagine

(What exactly is AHWY?)

Welcome to At Home With You! I am excited to introduce to you a teacher developed program that focuses on creating meaningful and exciting learning experiences for your child in the comfort of your own home. 

This program gives your child the opportunity to expand their thinking and enhance their desire to know and learn. AHWY has been designed to support families whilst teaching children the skills of kindergarten through playful, hands-on and play-based experiences which will be brought to you in weekly video tutorials. 

We look to create a community of families focused on supporting and encouraging the development of their child’s education, as well as having eachother to lean on for support and friendship during the year.

We cannot wait to meet you!

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Wait, Where is the Mailing List?

Email marketing is so 2019, who has time to check those anyway? We know we don't! That's why instead of bombarding your inbox with emails that may get lost, we have opened our exclusive Facebook Group (AHWY Community) for all our members that love freebies, upcoming updates, tutorials and all the other great stuff we have planned! If you click on the button below it will direct you to the group for easy sign-up, we can't wait to chat with you there!

As a sneak-peek of the fun we have in the AHWY group, click below for our' My Name Starts With..' resources to help your little one with their letter formation as well as colouring-in fun.


Why Should I Join The AHWY Community?

(if you are already convinced the join now button is below)

  • Free Resources

    You read that right! Whenever new resources are added to our collection they will also be added to the group under files for you to enjoy! These will range from educational pages, supporting resources to your courses as well as some purely fun ones (wait until you see our custom 'snakes and ladders' game!)

  • Low Battery

    When you are run-down, feeling kind of lost or not sure where to start, the AHWY Community will be there to help! There are strict guidelines to ensure all members are supported in a safe and kind environment, as well as the guidance of Rubie, the woman behind the screen helping you and your children excell.

  • Friendship

    The AHWY Community is full of like-minded mums and dads who are supporting their children at home using the At Home With You courses to direct their education. What better group of people to get to know and share your experiences? There are facilities to share your children work, check-in with one another and talk to real people about your journey.

J o i n N o w

What are you waiting for? Click below to be directed to our awesome Facebook group to keep in the loop all things At Home With You!

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